Bosch Expert Wood Cutting Saw Blade 165mm 36T 20mm


Bosch Expert Wood Cutting Saw Blade 165mm 36T 20mm from Tooled Up

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Microteq teeth (in-house produced) from high-density carbide combined with robust tooth shape ideal for universal use Depending on the number of teeth, different results can be achieved with all Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blades, which feature an ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth geometry: when equipped with a high tooth count, the blade delivers clean cuts, whereas a low number of teeth guarantees solid and efficient cuts. It is compatible with plunge, hand held, multi-cutter, mitre, sliding mitre and table saws as well as horizontal/vertical panel-sizing saws. • Long Lifetime with High Cutting Performance in Wood • Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blade offers a long lifetime with high cutting performance in wood • Extra-hard Microteq teeth are manufactured in-house by Bosch from extremely strong carbide grains for high durability • Proteqtion coating prevents corrosion and reduces friction • Anti-vibration slots for particularly smooth cutting, considerably less noise and significantly reduced vibration Specifications: Outer diameter mm: 165 Bore size mm: 20 Width of cut (b1) mm / Base bl. thickness (b2) mm: 2,6/1,6 Number of teeth: 36 Tooth shape: ATB Max. rotation speed (RPM): 11500 Cutting result: 3 Pin hole/Pitch circle diameter: 2/6/32,5 Hook angle ° w1: 10 Relief angle ° w2: 15 Materials: Wood Materials in Detail: Chipboard Acoustic panels Wood-wool slab Composites Softwood Hard/solid wood Pressed laminated wood Plywood panel MDF board laminated

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