Bosch Expert Power Change Plus HSS-G Pilot Drill Bit


Bosch Expert Power Change Plus HSS-G Pilot Drill Bit from Tooled Up

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Up to 5x faster than a standard adapterHole saws are a great accessory, but attaching them to your drill was always a fiddly job to do accurately. This costs professionals time and money. With the Expert Power Change Plus, you can switch hole saws in seconds thanks to Bosch’s clever one click arbour.This keyless system does not require fixing with screws or bolts. You just pull one hole saw out and push another in. Despite this apparent simplicity, the Expert Power Change Plus still gives a firm connection: with a reinforced shank and close-fitting guide drill, it actually has less play than conventional systems.The Bosch Expert Power Change Plus Hole Saw System is designed to give hole saw users the best connection with the maximum efficiency. It will save you time and perform the roughest tasks to a high standard.For use with the Bosch Power Change Plus keyless arbor: offering accuracy and robustness.Full Range• Takes a full range of hole saws, 14 mm to 210 mm. Unlike most arbours, it takes the largest and smallest sizes.Keyless Arbour• Attach and remove hole saw and pilot drill with one click. This keyless system requires no screws or bolts and still gives a firm connection.Reinforced Shank• Reinforced shank transition for longer shank life. A rounded shank and special reinforcing process eliminate stress concentrators to avoid premature breakage.Easy Plug Removal• Designed for fast and easy plug removal. The pilot drill bit can be used to push the plug out quickly and smoothly.Specifications:Diameter mm: 7,15Total length mm: 105

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