Bosch Expert Endurance Heavy Duty Carbide Holesaw 68mm


Bosch Expert Endurance Heavy Duty Carbide Holesaw 68mm from Tooled Up

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Lasts up to 50x longer than a BiMetal hole saw in tough materialsMost hole saws for wood and metal seem to work fine – until you hit a hardened nail or screw. Then they scream and smoke and grind until their teeth are torn off, and you still only have half a hole. With its carbide teeth, the Expert Tough Material barely slows down when it hits metal – it cuts neatly through and keeps on cutting holes, time and again.Made with Bosch Carbide Technology, each tooth is an optimum grade of the hardest metal, laser welded and ground six times for the perfect cutting shape. This makes the Bosch Expert Tough Material Hole Saw ideal for tough jobs and all-round trades work: As well as wood and metal, it’s a good hole saw for stainless steel, brick, soft tiles and reinforced plastics.The Bosch Expert Tough Material Hole Saw great all-rounder for every tradesman – because half a hole is not even worth half a hole.For use with the Bosch Power Change Plus keyless arbor: offering accuracy and robustness.Fine, Hard Carbide• Teeth are made from very hard Carbide by using the finest grains. They are individually shaped and sharpened for top performance.Patent Slot Design• Patent slot design for better view and plug ejection. The hole layout helps you accurately position the guide drill and also aids plug removal.Specifications:Diameter mm: 68Diameter inches: 2 3/4Working length mm: 60

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