Bosch Expert Carbide Multi Cutting Disc 76mm Pack of 1


Bosch Expert Carbide Multi Cutting Disc 76mm Pack of 1 from Tooled Up

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Cuts materials that angle grinders previously couldn’tProfessionals value angle grinders for their ability to cut tough materials like concrete, stone and metal. With the Expert Carbide Multi Wheel this wonderful tool can be even more versatile, efficiently cutting all kinds of softer materials such as wood, plastic and modern composites.The Expert Carbide Multi Wheel uses sharp carbide grits on its rim to cut multiple materials extremely effectively. The grits are joined to a steel body by a laser technique for an extra strong bond, giving a safe and reliable cutting disc that maintains a constant speed and depth throughout a long lifespan.With the Expert Carbide Multi Wheel, your angle grinder becomes even more versatile. For many tradesmen, it may be the only power tool they need.With 10 mm bore for mini grinder. Steel Body • Robust steel body maintains a constant cutting depth. Unique cooling holes and slot design avoids deformation and ensures a constant speed. Extra Strong Bond • Durable and safe working with extra strong laser bonding. Unique Bosch manufacturing technique means carbide grits are embedded directly into the steel rim. Specifications: Diameter mm: 76 Bore diameter mm: 10,00 Thickness mm: 1,0

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